30th September 2018
Apala Majumdar was awarded a QJMAM (Quarterly Journal of Mathematics and Applied Mechanics) grant in August 2018 to fund a two-week visit to UNAM in Mexico, to work with Dr Carlos Garcia-Azpeitia and Dr Panos Panayotaros on the modelling of nematic-smectic transitions in shells or structural transitions in shells filled with liquid crystalline material. This will complement Apala's work on shell problems, with leading experimentalists in Europe. Apala met her collaborators at UNAM during a BUC workshop in May 2017 and has been in scientific contact with them since the BUC workshop. These collaborations will be further strengthened via the new Bath-Chile-Mexico network.

18th August 2018

The University of Bath has approved funding for two more BUC events. This is part of a package of funding for five workshops that will take place in Bath, Mexico and Chile. In addition to the two Mexican BUC workshops, two more will take place in Chile and one in Bath. The basis of the funding is to develop the BUC concept further with Chilean partners and to cross-fertilise some of the collaboration.

28 January 2018

The University of Bath has won funding from the recently launched £118m Rutherford Fund, which aims to attract global talent and strengthen the UK's research base. The £2.25m Rutherford Fund Strategic Partner Grants support the development of strategic university partnerships by fostering stronger links between future research leaders and the UK research community.

The Univeristy of Bath welcomes Postdoctoral Fellows:

1 March 2017

Dr Luis Silva (UNAM) and Dr Kirill Cherednichenko (UoB) have been awarded a 2-year Newton Mobility Grant for the project "Homogenisation of degenerate equations and scattering for new materials". The research aims of the project include the development of new operator-theoretic techniques for the analysis of differential equations with non-constant coefficients at the terms with derivatives and developing a new community working on the interface between functional analysis and asymptotic analysis of parameter-dependent differential equations.

"During the last two years, researchers from the Department of Mathematical Sciences and SAMBa have been growing collaborative activities with academic institutions in Mexico, particularly Universidad Autónoma de México UNAM and Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas (CIMAT)."

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BUC research project wishes to thank Santander support for the development of its activities, by sharing the video Santander Universities and the University of Bath – celebrating 15 years of partnership

Santander Universities and the University of Bath – celebrating 15 years of partnership from University of Bath on Vimeo.

The Committee for Women in Mathematics (CWM) invites applications for supplementary grants of up to €500 to help women from developing countries or regions to attend scientific events taking place from March 2017 to February 2018. The grants are intended to help women who already have funding to attend a conference or meeting or for scientific collaboration, but who need extra funds to make it possible (for example, for child care, separate accommodation, or more appropriate travel). Applicants should write a short account of not more than two pages explaining the scientific benefit to themselves of the travel, together with brief details of funding already secured and the reason why extra funds are needed.

Find out more about what has been happening in SAMBa in the latest edition of the newsletter.

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Following their attendance at BUC2, Román Aguirre Pérez and Uziel González became interested persuing a PhD within the  SAMBa doctotal training centre in Bath. Both applied for a place in SAMBa and received offers, subject to funding from CONACyT.  We are extremely pleased that both Román and Uziel have been awarded CONACyT international doctoral scholarships and that the The Universtiy of Bath will be contribute an additional sum to match the standard grant value for UK students. Congratulations to both Román and Uziel for this achievement.

Daniel Hernandez-Hernandez (CIMAT) and Alexander Cox (Bath) have been awarded £8,200 to work on the project "Robust optimal hedging with model-independent constraints”. The project involves using a mix of ideas from Stochastic Optimal Control, and Model-independent finance to try and understand how financial institutions might better hedge complex risks while taking into account the intrinsic difficulty in choosing a `correct’ model for financial returns. In the long run, the project hopes to help bring about more resilient financial institutions. The money from the Newton fund, combined with a further £2,000 from the University of Bath International Research Funding Scheme, will enable 5 visits over a two year period. It is expected that some of these visits will also include stays at UNAM and a BUC workshop on Stochastic Optimal Control.