CUWB Probability-on-Sea 8th January 2024

CIMATUNAMUniversity of Bath

Minicourse speaker Title and Abstract
Emma Horton (Warwick) TBA
Pierre Francois Rodriguez (Imperial)

Percolation and random walks

Abstract: we will give the flavor of a research area motivated on the one hand by problems  arising in statistical physics concerning (continuous) phase transitions, and by fragmentation and covering problems for random walks on the other. The wealth of the subject is notably due to the panoply of natural probabilistic objects that these questions bring into play, comprising for instance random walks, random interlacements and the Gaussian free field, which form a marvellous toolbox to tackle them. The course will be a gentle introduction into some of these ideas.

Geronimo Uribe Bravo (UNAM) TBA

Talks by:
Osvaldo Angtuncio (UMAR)
Giuseppe Cannizaro (University of Warwick)
Guillaume Conchon-Kerjan (King's College London)
James Foster (University of Bath)
Adrian Gonzalez-Casanova (UNAM)
Karen Harbermann (University of Warwick)
Arturo Jaramillo (CIMAT)
Marcel Ortgiese (University of Bath)
Liliana Perralta (UNAM)
Tommaso Rosati (University of Warwick)
Daniel Valesin (University of Warwick)

Daniel Kious, Andreas Kyprianou Giuseppe Cannizaro, Arno Siri-Jégousse, Sandra Palau, Juan Carlos Pardo

Tentative Schedule


PFR: Mini course by Pierre-François Rodriguez

EH: Mini course by Emma Horton

GUB: Mini course by Geronimo Uribe Bravo