12 May 2020

Uzy Smilansky, Professor Emeritus at Weizmann Institute of Science, has been awarded a competitive David Parkin Visiting Professorship for 2020-21 and will visit Bath for 6 months in the coming academic year, travel restrictions due to COVID-19 permitting.

Professor  Smilansky is a recognised leader in several research areas on the physics-mathematics interface. He is known for raising important questions about the behaviour of complex system that have initiated substantial strands of research, as well as for solving open problems that have provided new insights.

His visit will give a further boost the vigorous research programmes in the Departments of Mathematical Sciences and Physics, via:

  • Research interactions with members working on problem of wave propagation
  • Bespoke training for postgraduate students, postdocs, and senior staff on topics of primary interest in mathematical physics, wave mechanics, complex structures, emergent behaviour, and the analysis of big data
  • Networking with several UK universities on the topics of quantum graphs, quantum chaos, and wave propagation