• Apala Majumdar  hosting a visiting student from UNAM, Denisse Arango, for two months at Bath under the VPS scheme, following the successful BUC in May 2017.
  • Apala Majumdar has been awarded a LMS grant to visit UNAM again in August this year, and  present at a conference in Cancun (International Materials Research Conference).


  • Juan Carlos Pardo awarded University of Bath David Parkin visiting Professorship for the academic year 2018-2019.
  • Joint article preprint "Backbone decomposition of multitype superprocesses" (Dorottya Fekete, Sandra Palau, Juan Carlos Pardo, José Luis Pérez), an output from BUC3.
  • Joint article preprint "Speed of coming down from infinity of the nested Kingman coalescent" (Airam Blancas, Tim Rogers, Jason Schweinsburg, Arno Siri-Jegousse), an output from BUC3: To appear in Annals of Applied Probability.
  • Joint article preprint "Stable processes in a cone" (Andreas Kyprianou, Victor Rivero, Weerapat Satitkanitkul)
  • Joint article "Functional model for extensions of symmetric operators and applications to scattering theory" (Kirill Cherednichenko, Luis Silva and Alexander Kiselev) to appear in Networks and Heterogeneous Media (AIMS), an output from BUC-VI



  • Sandra Palau Calderon (CIMAT) obtains Newton International Fellowship for two years
  • Alex Cox (Bath) and Daniel Hernandez Hernandez (CIMAT) Awarded Royal Society Newton Mobility Grant
  • Joint article submitted "Extinction properties of multi-type continuous-state branching processes" (Andreas Kyprianou and Sandra Palau).
  • Ricardo Weder from UNAM-IIMAS visiting Kirill Cherednichenko in Bath,14-29 May 2016. (Supported by University of Bath Global Mobility Scheme.)
  • Research teams from BUC3 and their ongoing research titles, aiming to reach a publication:
    • Arno/Jason/Tim/Airam: "Properties of Nested Kingman Coalescent"
    • Matt/Bati/Pite/Victor/Daniel/Rodrigo: "Exceptional times for dynamic Galton-Watson trees"
    • Geronimo/Cecile/Tim/Bati: "Scaling limits of the preferential attachment tree"
    • Juan Carlos/Sandra/Dorka/Jose Luis/Henry/Gerado: "Backbone decomposition for  Multitype CSBP and Multitype superprocesses"
    • Geronimo/Oswaldo/Mirian: "Trees with a given degree sequence"
    • Andreas/Clement/Steven: "Fragmentation-Coalgulation"
    • Jose-Fredo/Ekaterina/Antonio: "Catalytic branching models at the origin"