This workshop is part of a series of mathematical research activities organised by the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath and mathematicians based at UNAM and CIMAT (BUC). It will consist of several collaborative sessions. Also in the spirit of the BUC research platform, this event is a smaller and more focused interaction strongly focused on driving towards publication outcomes.


Kirill Cherednichenko
Yulia Ershova
Alfredo Uribe Alcántara (UNAM)
Rafael del Rio (UNAM)
Isidro Munive Lima (CIMAT-Gto)
Luis Octavio Silva (UNAM)
Adolfo Sánchez Valenzuela (CIMAT-Mérida)

Aleksander Kiselev (Dragomanov National University, Kiev)


During a discussion in CIMAT Mérida

BUC-XI participants outside CIMAT Mérida

BUC-XI participants outside CIMAT Mérida

A view of the Yucatan selva from the top of the Ek-Balam pyramid