Asymptotic and operator-theoretic techniques for the analysis of time-dispersive media


The workshop will take place at the University of Bath on 12--14 March 2018

Monday, Tuesday: Wolfson Lecture Theatre, 4W1.7

Wednesday: CB1.10


Talk schedule

Monday 12 March:

Room: Wolfson Lecture Theatre, 4W1.7

15:15-16:15: Euan Spence, "Acoustic and electromagnetic transmission problems"

16:25-18:15: Serena D'Onofrio, "Operator-norm convergence estimates in homogenisation of periodic singular structures" (Joint with AOF Seminar )

Tuesday 13 March

Room: Wolfson Lecture Theatre, 4W1.7

14:15--15:15: Karsten Matthies, "Dispersive lattice equation"

15:15--16:15: Alexander Kiselev, "Operator generalised resolvents: a tool for the analysis of time-dispersion in continuous media"

Wednesday 14 March

Room: CB1.10

10:15--11:15: Luis Silva, "Index of determinacy of spectral measures and applications to inverse spectral problems"

11:15--12:15: Yulia Ershova, "Derivation of the effective properties of weighted periodic graphs"



Kirill Cherednichenko       
Serena D'Onofrio
Yulia Ershova
Karsten Matthies
Aaron Pim
Euan Spence


Luis Octavio Silva (UNAM)
Aleksander Kiselev (Dragomanov National University, Kiev)