Guanajuato Uncertainty Quantification “GUQ”

This BUC-XIII-GUQ 2018 workshop is the continuation of the University of Bath (UK), UNAM and CIMAT (Mexico) “BUC-V” workshop series and the third edition of the Guanajuato Uncertainty Quantification “GUQ”.

This workshop aim is to bring together researchers of applied mathematics to show advances on uncertainty quantification of nonlinear dynamical systems. Uncertainty quantification encompasses methods to account for a cascade of errors arising while observing, modeling and discretizing physical models. We are interested on both, forward propagation of uncertainty as well as inverse assessment of model and parameter uncertainty.


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Miguel Angel Moreles
Andrés Christen
Marcos Capistrán


Gianluca Detommaso, U. Bath, UK
Rob Scheichl, U. Bath, UK
Leticia Ramírez, CIMAT
Yury E. García, CIMAT
Liliana Guadalupe, CIMAT
Nicolas Kuschinski, CIMAT
Hugo Flores, CIMAT
Antonio Capella, IMATE, UNAM
Eduardo Gutiérrez-Peña, IIMAS, UNAM (TBC)
Colin Fox (Otago, NZ)