5th August 2019

During the week of 5th August 2019, the first ITT organised in Mexico will take place in collaboration with Bath academics via the BUC network.

The industrial interactive Integrative Think Tank workshop was conceived of as a reserach training tool at the doctoral training centre SAMBa in Bath. Thanks to the close collaboration between Bath, UNAM and CIMAT, this model will be imported to Mexico and trailled for the first time at the BUC ITT. The ITT is an opportunity for mathematicians to work with industrial partners to develop new and co-owned research questions that have a tangeable future.

There were three external partners present at the ITT: CENAPRED, CMB and Samsung.  Shortly after the ITT, CIMAT were invited to sign an agreement to collaborate further with CMB; see here.

You can read more about the workshop here and here.