In collaboration with the ART-AI CDT, social policy researchers, and two institutions in Mexico (CIMAT and UNAM), SAMBa are delivering an ITT with CENAPRED, who are the Mexican National Disasters Agency. CENAPRED oversee all aspects of Mexican disasters, from prediction of events, to management of the aftermath, to public engagement and awareness raising.  The focus will be on developing AI approaches but these will necessarily need strong underpinning of statistical and mathematical methods, as well as understanding the societal and social impact and engagement.

Visit the ITT webpage: here

ITT questions under discussion

  • Identifying areas at risk from weather events: supporting relocation of people and businesses
  • Developing tools that enable measurement and calculation of risk, understood as predicted loss (mostly in monetary terms but not only) – also of use to the insurance sector
  • Evaluation of the impact of construction on contributing to and supporting disasters
  • Understanding resilience of communities and infrastructure to weather events
  • Gathering textual data to bridge data gaps from e.g. social media in multiple (including indigenous) languages in order to inform understanding of public understanding and response to disasters, with a focus on marginalised communities
  • Exploring how the risk perceptions of populations change before and after an event (related to understanding resilience)

Using data with predictive goals: exploring how different forms of data can be used to inform the population to act in anticipation of disaster